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Sun Concept is already a global leader in solar and eletric boat industry, developing, producing and selling solar boats worldwide.

Sun Concept was born from an eco and social awareness and with some help from several investors concerned about environmental degradation worldwide.

Based in the Algarve, Portugal’s most popular and touristic side, Sun Concept aims at producing eco-friendly boats, with minimum greenhouse gas emissions, noise, shore and ocean impact. Moreover, Sun Concept boats allow zero cost fuel and prevents ecosystem degradation, promoting harmony between human life, animal life and the environment.



Manuel Lázaro Brito – Co Founder and Management Advisor

Degree in Business Management and Statutory Auditor. Developed his professional activity, essentially linked to auditing and consulting, having founded DFK & Associados in 1997, a company he runs and is a principal partner. He is currently a member of the Fiscal Council of CGD Group.

At Sun Concept he is currently a Management Advisor working in the various areas of management, namely in the areas of strategy and finance.

Manuel Costa Braz – Co Founder and Executive Director

Degree in Business Administration, always linked to the business sector, performing various management positions.

At Sun Concept he acts as the executive administrator responsible for the strategic development of international expansion and distribution.

João Gomes Bastos – General Manager

Graduated in Marine Biology, he developed his professional career in the area of dynamization and project management of tourist maritime companies.

He is currently at Sun Concept Executive Director, acting as General Manager.

Nuno Borges e Silva – Production and Development Director

Training in Engineering and Naval Architecture by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST).

It started the collaboration with Sun Concept in the context of the partnership with the Technical Boat Solar (TSB) of said IST, a team that develops experimental electro solar boats for international competitions.

Currently, at Sun Concept he assumes the production direction and the coordination of the development area of new vessels.

Júlio Silvestre – Responsible for Electrotechnics and Electro Sol Systems

Degree in Electro-technical Engineering specialized in the area of telecommunications.

Passionate about new technologies, he is responsible for the projects and technical schemes of power and command of our vessels.

Rui Lapa Mendes – Production Manager

He has developed his professional career in the field of shipbuilding, having evolved to the area of management of industrial teams.

He coordinates a team of production technicians from different areas of expertise at Sun Concept.

Marília Cipriano Baganha – Administrative and Financial Manager

She holds a degree in Business Administration, is responsible for the Sun Concepts financial and administrative department and coordinates management, planning, environment, quality and health and safety at work.


In 2015, a group of investors with environmental and sustainability concerns brought together the financial and material conditions for the start-up of Sun Concept, which was born from the focus on the ergonomics of the industrial hull design and the increasing ecological orientation of markets, in combination with a wide experience in the field of ship design and construction.

Sun Concept is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of electro-solar vessels, with an absolutely innovative concept, from all perspectives, presenting superior technical and environmental efficiency, as no other shipbuilder to date in the world market.

Sun Concept is focused on the manufacture of recreational craft and professionals with electro solar propulsion, aimed at market segments with specific needs, namely the recreational market but also the commercial and professional market (tourism and fishing).

Sun Concept aims to promote the use of renewable energy in the Nautical sector by creating integrated technological solutions with the aim of developing clean, energy efficient and independent vessels, believing that respect for the ecological limits of the terrestrial ecosystem is a condition non-negotiable basis for socio-economic development.

The Sunsailer 7.0 was the first project: a line of 7m electro-solar vessels, designed to be cost-effective, adaptable to various types of use, from leisure to professional use for tourist activities, transport services and support to local communities and support to fishing and aquaculture, being a line of models designed to navigate in inland waters as estuaries, estuaries, rivers and reservoirs, whether in leisure or work.

In 2018 we innovate in manufacturing method and concept. The new Sun Concept CAT 12.0 is a 12-meter catamaran with a capacity of up to 42 people, which can reach 14.5 knots and offshore navigation capability. We again bring down barriers in terms of speed, stocking and navigation area, maintaining the characteristics that distinguish us, namely the great autonomy, silence, comfort, economic savings, and sustainability. Also, this model was planned and thought to comply with diverse layout interiors, being able to have an ideal lounge deck for tour operators, deck for careers, open deck for works of support to aquaculture and/or fisheries, or even an associated day cruise deck to two suites, ideal for family outings.




Sail at zero fuel costs per mile. Our source is the sunlight, captured by the photo-voltaic panels, which are carried in the battery bank.


It does not consume fossil fuels, nor produces greenhouse gases (GHG). Electric motors do not spill oils or produce exhaust fumes.


Just ear the murmur of the propellers. It allows you to enjoy the surrounding nature without disturbing noises while holding a nice chat on board.


Specially designed vessels with hulls and propulsion systems in mind to achieve the least impact on sensitive ecosystems, as well as on marine fauna.


The use of electric solar powered motors as an alternative to internal explosion engines makes maintenance about 85% more economical.


The energy stored in the boat battery banks allows sailing between 8 and 14 hours without sun. With sun the autonomy can be unlimited.


The entire boat is certified with the CE mark and designed in the perspective of greater safety, comfort, and ease of use.



Área Empresarial de Marim, Lote D
8700-221 Olhão – Algarve
+351 912 258 413
Geral: info@sunconcept.pt



Edifício Gonçalves Zarco, Loja 9
Doca de Alcântara, 1350-352 Lisboa
+351 213 952 042
Geral: seaway@seaway.pt


Rua da Praia, Canidelo – Douro Marina – Loja 3
4400-554 Vila Nova de Gaia
+351 969 849 248
Geral: raul.barroso@siroco-nautica.pt