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SUNSAILER 7.0 8Pax since 32.000€ (tax free)

SUNSAILER 7.0 MT 12Pax since 37.700€ (tax free)

SUNSAILER 7.0 PRO 6Pax since 24.600€ (tax free)

SunSailer 7.0 line models are suitable for protected coastal zones and lagoon and riverine areas, where noise, pollution and stress caused by unrest are factors of destabilization and devaluation of the landscape and well-being. Moving harmoniously, these quite boats do not emit pollutant gases neither spill oils.

The design of the patented 7 meters displacement hull is optimized for a cruising speed of 5 to 6 knots, obtained from two 6Hp electric motors and powered by batteries fed by solar panels. Technological fit highly efficient, combined with techniques specialized in the use of fiberglass.

The hull is constructed of monolithic glass fiber, with isophthalic gel coat and manual lamination on contact molds and isophthalic resin. The deck is constructed of monolithic glass fiber in a polyurethane sandwich with isophthalic gel coat. Has a system of manual lamination in contact molds and isophthalic resin, with streaking system for support and dissipation of solar panel heat, thus increasing its efficiency.

Prices between 25.000€ and 45.000€.

Length | 6.98 meters
Maximum Width | 2.40 meters
Draught | 0.40 meters
Engine Power | 2 Electric Engines 2 KW 24 V (6HP)
Autonomy (without Sun) | 6-9H (5 knots))

4 Batteries | Rolls 12V/503ª
2 Engines | Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 RL
Battery Charger | Victron Skylla I 24/80
Volt Converter | Victron Orion 2412-40
Full System of Electric Protection Connection
Full Direction System
Navigation and Courtesy Lights Set
Inox Access Stairs
Upholstered Set

2 Batteries | 12V/503ª
Storage Box
Sun Deck
Hull Color
Anti-Fouling Paint
Homologated Trailer

CAT 12

There is no better place to enjoy a walk in the wild than on board of a CAT 12. Spacious, versatile and extremely comfortable, the CAT 12 is ideal for unforgettable trips. And without harming the environment!

The CAT 12 is a solar powered catamaran, with capacity for 25 to 45 passengers, with modern lines and sophisticated and great aerodynamics. With 12 meters long and 27.5m2 of deck area, CAT 12 is ideal for sightseeing, for parties and events or just to enjoy a great gathering of friends. Just imagine a sunset aboard the CAT 12...

CAT 12 uses, as its source of energy, the sunlight that is stored in the photovoltaic panels on the boat. With the CAT 12, you can sail at zero cost and still benefit from an 85% more economical maintenance than on traditional boats.

The CAT 12 stands out from the other boats of the same category for its aerodynamic lines, which provide smooth navigability, even at higher speeds. The space is wide and adjustable to various situations, which makes CAT 12 ideal for tourist events of various types, always with comfort and sophistication as a backdrop. To later remember!

CAT 12 does not consume fossil fuels and does not produce greenhouse gases (GHG). Its electric motors do not spill oils or produce exhaust fumes that damage the environment. The hull, specially designed for minimal impact on the ecosystem, allows it to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature and to preserve the riverside fauna and flora.

CAT12 MT CAT12 Passageiros

CAT 12 MT and CAT 12 Passengers

Length Overall (LOA) | 11,9 meters
Maximum Width | 5,95 meters
Depth | 2,20 meters
Draught, no supplement | 0,58 meters


Displacement | 7973 kg
Light Weight | 5948 kg
Passengers Capacity | 25 / 45
Usefull Deck Area | 27,5 m2
2 Storage Boxes
2 WCs

AGM Batteries

Engine Type | Electric Submerged Azimuths
2 Engines
Combined Power (Pm) | 30 kW

LiFe PO4 Batteries

Engine Type | Electric Submerged Azimuths
2 Engines
Combined Power (Pm) | 50 kW

Photovoltaic Panels Type | Flexibles (20% Efficiency)
Available Panels Area (Ap) | 33,2m2
Panels Power (Pp) | 5,8 kW
Battery Type | AGM/Litio
Battery Capacity (Cbat) | 84/120 kW.h

AGM Batteries

Battery Type | AGM
Model | Rolls S-12

LiFe PO4 Batteries

Battery Type | LiFePO4
Model | Torqeedo/BM

Fiberglass Propulsive Results + AGM 84kW

S. (knots)P. (kW)A. w/o sunA. w/sun
S. max=11302h2h15

Carbon Propulsive Results + AGM 84 kW

S. (knots)P. (kW)A. w/o sunA. w/sun
S. max=11,5302h2h15

Carbon Propulsive Results + AGM 111 kW

S. (knots)P. (kW)A. w/o sunA. w/sun
S. max=11,2302h453h

Fiberglass Propulsive Results + LiFePO4 120kW

S. (knots)P. (kW)A. w/o sunA. w/sun
S. max=13,6502h202h30

Carbon Propulsive Results + LiFePO4 120kW

S. (knots)P. (kW)A. w/o sunA. w/sun
S. max=14,5502h202h30

Subtitle: "S" - Speed; "P" - Power; "A" - Autonomy

Poliester + AGM 84 kW - 250.000 €
Carbon + AGM 84 kW - 275.000 €
Carbon + AGM 111 kW - 290.000 €
Poliester + Lithium 120 kW - 350.000 €
Carbon + Lithium 120 kW - 370.000 €



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8700-221 Olhão – Algarve
+351 912 258 413
Geral: info@sunconcept.pt



Edifício Gonçalves Zarco, Loja 9
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+351 213 952 042
Geral: seaway@seaway.pt


Rua da Praia, Canidelo – Douro Marina – Loja 3
4400-554 Vila Nova de Gaia
+351 969 849 248
Geral: raul.barroso@siroco-nautica.pt