In order to develop and expand the commercial capacity of the company, as well as its greater proximity to the public, Sun Concept established a cooperation protocol with the Siroco Group (, given the recognition that exists around its reputation obtained over the years of working in navigation with internationally recognised professionalism and credibility. Siroco Equipment, Siroco Yacht Brokers, Sea Way and Sea Sky – Portugal Charter are part of the Group, providing a range of companies that range from the area of representation of the brand Sun Concept and supplying materials and ship building equipment to maritime-tourism operation, from the regions of Lisbon and Porto.

The partnership of Sun Concept – Siroco is an example of the symbiosis model that we want to develop, a sharing of experiences, knowledge and risks that, once combined, generate very positive synergies for both the customers that seek electro-solar vessels and for the fans of more sustainable alternative experiences in terms of recreation and leisure.

Between October and November 2016, Siroco was one of the parties involved in the communications project #TheSunnySideofLife based on the presentation of the entrepreneurial project of Sun Concept and the models SunSailer 7.0, where we were also able to take our fans and customers to try the solar boat SunSailer MT at Foz do Douro, from the Douro marina in Gaia and in the Tejo river, to gaze at Lisbon between Alcântara and Terreiro do Paço.

Courtesy of Siroco, via SeaWay, it is also possible to schedule at any time a visit to get a closer look at the SunSailer MT that will be available in Lisbon at the Doca do Espanhol in Alcântara.

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