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Sun Concept: trabalho de equipa para um mundo sustentável

In 2015, a group of investors with environmental and sustainability concerns, have brought together the financial and material conditions for the start of Sun Concept, which is born of the investment in ergonomic industrial design hulls and growing ecological orientation of the markets, in combination with a wide experience in the field of ship design and construction.
The Sun Concept is a shipbuilding company specialized in developing and manufacturing solar electro boats, an absolutely innovative concept, in all perspectives, presenting a technical and environmental efficiency. There is to date no other shipbuilder, in the world market, which has presented similar products, especially regarding the price / quality relation.

Sun Concept is focused on the manufacture of recreational and professional boats with electro solar propulsion, aimed at market segments with specific needs, namely the recreational market but also the commercial and professional market (tourism and fishing).

Sun Concept’s vision is to promote the use of renewable energy in the Nautical sector, creating integrated technological solutions, in order to develop clean, energy efficient and independent boats, believing that respect for ecological limits of terrestrial ecosystem’s condition is a non-negotiable basis for socio-economic development.

Sunsailer 7.0 was the first project: a line of 7 meter solar electro boats, planned to be cost-efficient, adaptable to various types of use, from leisure to business use for tourist activities, transport services and support to local communities and support to fishing and aquaculture, being a line of models designed to navigate in inland waters as estuaries, rivers and reservoirs, whether in leisure or work. In 2018, we innovate in manufacturing method and concept.

New Sun Concept CAT 12.0 is a 12 meter catamaran with a capacity of up to 42 people, which can reach 14.5 knots and offshore navigation capability. We again bring down barriers in terms of speed, stocking and navigation area, maintaining the characteristics that distinguish us, namely the great autonomy, silence, comfort, economic savings and sustainability.

Also this model has been planned and designed to meet different inseid layouts, although it may have an ideal lounge deck to tour operators, deck for careers, open deck for auxiliary works aquaculture and / or fisheries, or even a day cruise deck associated to two suites, ideal for family outings.